The Decision to Repair or Replace AC

At some point, most homeowners will be faced with a decision whether to repair or replace their air conditioning equipment. In many ways, this is a personal business decision – payment options are available to make a new air conditioner more affordable then a big electric bill. But we will talk about that in another blog.

A first consideration is the cost of any immediate repairs versus the cost of replacement. On one side of the equation, there is the question of whether it is wise to “throw good money after bad.” On the other side of the coin, you must consider the best investment in your comfort. Of course, there are several other factors that certainly weigh into this equation.

Overall condition of the equipment. Although it is not unusual for air conditioning equipment to last for 15 years or more, signs of deterioration and increased operating costs appear around 8 to 10 years of age. Has your equipment needed frequent repairs? Have there been small problems that point to larger problems (such as having to add refrigerant from year-to-year or small leaks that have become big leaks)?

Performance. As equipment condition deteriorates, you’ll find that you are paying higher utility bills for less comfort.  From season to season, this is easily rationalized: “This summer is warmer than last,” or,” I don’t remember it being it being so humid in recent years.” But these may be signs that your air conditioning system is simply unable to cool and dehumidify as it was designed. Equipment replacement, possibly including ductwork, is sometimes the best solution to restore your system to full capacity and give you the satisfaction you once enjoyed.

Outdated technology. As with everything else, advances in technology improve the performance of air conditioners from year to year. Greater reliability, better dehumidification, more environmentally friendly systems, and a host of other benefits come with newer, updated equipment.

Changing lifestyle. Over time, the way a family uses their home can change. A bedroom becomes a home office or the new patio deck is uncomfortably close to the noisy outdoor unit. Changes in lifestyle and use of living spaces can often be accommodated by while upgrading old equipment to new. There is more to comfort than temperature and humidity, and often these lifestyle changes are a big factor when considering whether it’s time to replace or keep an air conditioner.

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