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Heater Replacement In Jupiter, FL

Although the temperature in Florida may not drop as low as it does in other states, it can still get pretty chilly. If you’re especially used to the warm climate in Jupiter, a well-working heater is essential in the colder months. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your heater taken care of by professionals!

Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating is here for any of your heating service needs. We’re a local, family-owned and operated company that does everything by the book. Whether you need professional heating maintenance, repair or replacement, we’re the company for you!

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Heater Replacement Services

Part of being a homeowner means having to make decisions about the systems in your home. While getting your systems repaired and having frequent maintenance done on them can help them live longer, sometimes the better solution is a replacement. When it comes to your heater, even top-quality heating systems don’t last forever.

A well-kept furnace should be able to last in your home for anywhere between 15-30 years. This varies depending on the brand of the system and how well it’s taken care of over the years, but your heater is one of the systems in your home that you can count on having for quite some time. Like many of the other systems in your home, if you take care of it, it’ll take care of you right back.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Heater

You should get heater maintenance at least once a year, especially before the colder months, which will be your highest usage times. Regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance are ways that you can ensure your heater will continue running as long as possible. Nothing lasts forever though, and even after many years of preventative maintenance, there will eventually come a point where your heater will need replacing. How can you tell that it’s time for an upgrade?

When you begin to notice the many signs of your heater deteriorating, you should look into getting your system replaced. Since your system can last anywhere from 15-30 years, you must pay attention to the way it’s performing and get a trusted, professional opinion on when the best time to replace would be. Some signs it’s time to replace your heater are:

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The air quality inside your home is something that should be taken seriously as it can play a major role in your well-being. If you begin to notice that you’ve not been feeling well inside your home, have dry or irritated skin, have dying and wilting plants or see large amounts of dust flying around your home, your heater could be to blame. These signs could be causing your home to have poor indoor air quality and they should be addressed.

Utility Bills On The Rise

An aging heater gets less efficient over time. You may not be noticing any signs in your home that show something is wrong with your heater, but your energy bill usually reveals the problem. As soon as you begin to notice unexpected changes in your energy bill, give the professionals at Complete Comfort a call.

The Smell Of Rotten Eggs

If many systems in your home come powered by natural gas, this sets up a different list of potential issues. If you notice that the pilot light to your furnace is completely turned off or is burning an abnormal color, this could be an indication that your heater needs assistance. The rotten egg smell is an indicator of a gas leak that can become dangerous very quickly.

While natural gas isn’t as harmful as other forms of gas, it’s still extremely important that you act quickly once you’ve observed a gas leak in your home. Exit the area immediately, opening doors and windows as you go. Once everyone is out of immediate danger, call the Jupiter heater specialists along with your local gas company.

Heater Installation Services In Jupiter

Needing a heater replacement doesn’t mean that you’ve failed at being an efficient homeowner in any way. It simply means that your heater has run its course and it’s time to invest in a new system for your home. While preventative maintenance and regular inspections do ensure your system runs as long as possible, sometimes the systems in your home are more cost-effective to replace.

When you’re ready for the best heater replacement you can find in Jupiter, give Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating a call! You can rest assured knowing you chose the right company to do the job. We pull permits for every job we do, and we take the time to call the homeowner before every visit. For more information on our heater replacement services, give us a call today!

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