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Efficient Ductless AC Services In Jupiter

Many older homes in Florida come with no ductwork for heating and air conditioning systems which creates comfort problems. Thanks to ductless mini-split systems, there’s now a better way to keep any property comfortable without a working duct system. Traditional ducted air conditioners aren’t your only option to keep your space cool this summer.

Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to be the top resource for ductless air conditioners and heaters in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and the surrounding areas. Our dependable team can inspect, install and maintain your ductless AC to keep your household comfortable season after season. For more information, reach out to our team today!

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Our highly trained and certified technicians offer quality installation, repair and maintenance of these systems. We’re also an official dealer of the latest models from trusted manufacturers including Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Get a free estimate from our technicians today and be on your way to a comfortable home — even without the ductwork. We’re here to help you stay cool this summer and all year-round with our top-quality services.

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What Is A Ductless AC?

A ductless AC is sometimes referred to as a mini-split air conditioner. This style of cooling system is more streamlined and efficient than many traditional ducted AC models. This is because a mini-split combines an indoor air handler with an outdoor compressor to deliver cooled air throughout your space without the bulky ductwork.

Instead of ductwork lining your crawl spaces and attic, a ductless air conditioner only requires a small hole to run refrigerant lines and wiring between the units. Not only does this design eliminate bulky ductwork, but it simplifies the way your system runs. With a mini-split system, you can cool individual “zones” in your space instead of cooling your entire home with a central AC.

Not sure if a mini-split unit is the right choice for your home? Keep on reading and learn more about the benefits of ductless AC systems.

Benefits Of Ductless Mini-Split AC & Heating

In addition to homes without a duct system, new home additions are another effective application of ductless mini-split systems. These systems can also make problematic areas of your home that always feel warm or cold — such as the attic or garage — easier to regulate. If you’re building a new residence or office from the ground up, you may also want to consider installing ductless mini-split systems. The benefits include:

  • Providing cooling and heating in one system
  • Improving energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Saving space with their sleek, compact design
  • Allowing for zoning
  • Operating more quietly
  • Having longer lifespans than traditional HVAC systems

With a ductless AC installation, you can be in complete control of the temperature in each area of your home. Enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient cooling and personalized air conditioning with services from Complete Comfort. For more information, reach out to us!

Jupiter Ductless Services

Call us today to discuss your options for ductless mini-split systems in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and nearby areas. Our technicians are always standing by for any of your cooling or heating needs. We also offer free estimates or second opinions for any service.

No matter if you’re looking for a brand new AC system or you’re interested in installing a ductless unit in adjunct with your current system – our team is here for you! We can help you design the air conditioning setup you’ve always wanted and the one you deserve.

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Mini-split air conditioning systems are fully customizable cooling units, perfect for residents in Southeast Florida. Upgrade your current AC system or go fully ductless with help from the Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating team. For more information or to schedule your service, reach out to us today!

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