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The quality of the air that you breathe has a large effect on your health and quality of life. Consider how many breaths that you and your family take in your home, every hour, of every day, for years on end. There are many different things in your home that you may be quietly breathing into your lungs which may be having an effect on your health, including: allergens such as pollen, mold, fungus spores, chemical vapors, and natural and synthetic irritants. After continued inhalation, they can irritate your body and can lead to illness. Homeowners can rid their home of these contaminates and protect against future issues by taking advantage of our indoor air quality testing and improvement services.

Air Quality Testing and Analysis

The air quality in your home can be easily assessed by one of our trained technicians. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience in dealing with air quality issues. We thoroughly test the air quality in your home and analyze all of the different factors that are contributing to poor air quality. We test for mold, bacteria, dust, allergens, toxins, chemicals, and fumes from products like cleaning supplies, carpets, finishes in the home, and a list of other materials commonly found in the home. We ensure that existing air systems are properly sealed, and find any way that you may be experiencing a polluted air environment.


People spend 90% of their day indoors, and 65% of that time is spent within their residences. Considering the amount of time you spend in your home, you need to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and healthy for you and your family members.

Your air conditioning system needs to be ventilating your home, minimizing indoor pollution, cooling indoor air and controlling humidity. There are a number of things you can do to boost the indoor air quality during the warmer summer months when your household’s A/C system is in full swing, including the following:

  • Have your A/C unit regularly tested and maintained by a professional,
  • Bathe and brush shedding pets regularly during the summer to reduce pet dander, a leading cause of indoor air quality issues,
  • Use a high-performance particle filter or air cleaner,
  • Regularly change and maintain air filters to prevent gases and contaminants from entering the home,
  • Ensure that no debris accumulates at the A/C unit intake, and
  • Ensure that duct systems are properly sealed.

Did you know? Indoor air pollutants are among the top five environmental risks to public health. Even more worrying is that indoor pollutant levels can be 2 to 3 times higher than outdoor pollutant levels.

The three major categories of indoor air pollution are

  • Particles and allergens,
  • Germs and infections, and
  • Chemical gases and odors.

Lennox also has a really great tool called the “Healthy Solutions Finder” – Click HERE to see the best products for the pollutants that affect you the most!

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