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Looking for heating services? Jupiter residents and businesses trust only Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating. We offer a wide range of services for all makes and models of heating systems. Whether you need a simple tune-up, a more complex repair, or a completely new installation, our technicians ensure a job done right every time. We are also available for emergency heating services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you need heating services in Jupiter or surrounding areas, contact us at (561) 531-5659 or online!

Units in Heating Services We Handle

Different types of heating systems are available for homes, offices, commercial, and industrial properties.

Here is an overview of the different types of heating systems:

  • Heat pumps – Heat pumps rely on the refrigerant's pressure/temperature relationship. When a refrigerant evaporates or boils, it absorbs heat at a very high rate. Since the refrigerant has a lower boiling point than most liquids, it can easily be manipulated so that the only necessary heat is room temperature air. We can control this boiling point by altering the pressure placed upon the liquid.
  • Electric heat – An electric heater converts electrical energy to heat energy. Besides cooking and water heating, an electrical heater can also heat rooms within your home. In this system, an electric heating element in the form of a wire resides within an electron tube. When a current passes through the element, heat is provided to the space.
  • Pool heaters – A pool heater can have a number of energy sources, including natural gas and propane. Electric pool heaters have a coil that gets heated and the heat of the coil warms the water. The heat from a gas pool heater’s flames heat a pool relatively quickly, as long as it is an efficient system. If you are in an area where there is limited natural gas, consider an oil-fired pool heater.
  • Water source heat pumps – A water source heat pump works in a similar way to an air source heat pump, but it extracts and distributes heat by way of water instead of air. Not only does a water source heat pump remove heat from your house during the hotter months, but it provides heat during the cooler winter months. If you’re looking for a solution that offers the perfect year-round temperature, this is it.

4 Subtle Signs You Need Heating Services

1. Poor indoor air quality - Old heating units have the tendency to pump out very dry heat as they get closer to their date of expiration. Look out for dry or irritated skin, wilting plants or dust accumulation in your air vents.

2. Utility bills on the rise - As heating units age they get less efficient over time. While your indoor air environment won't necessarily be affected by this inefficiency your utility bills will be. So if your utility that powers your heating is sky-rocketing then get in touch with our experts in Jupiter heating services.

3. Your pilot light is off - If your pilot light is off or a color that it isn't usually, this could be an indication of a few different problems so make sure to give us a call.

4. The smell of rotten eggs - If your heating unit uses natural gas and you smell rotten eggs, then you have a gas leak and should open your doors and windows before leaving the premises. Not only should you call in your specialists in Jupiter heating services but your local gas company too.

5 Ways Heating Maintenance Saves You Money

1. Fewer repairs that are less expensive too - Our Jupiter heating maintenance experts are great at catching problems before they happen. Not only will you have fewer repairs, but since some breakdowns get worse over time you'll have less serious repairs as well.

2.Longer life-span of your unit - The best way to save off your HVAC spending is to get the most out of each and every unit. How long your unit lasts depends on use, environment and heating maintenance, so make sure you're getting the most out of your units.

3. Increased energy efficiency - You might not notice your unit's loss of efficiency in your indoor air temperature, but you will notice it when you go to pay your monthly utility bill. Make sure you're spending as little as possible on your utilities by subscribing to regular visits from our Jupiter heating maintenance professionals.

4. Stay under warranty - Always read your warranties carefully, but one common denominator among them is that they require regular maintenance from a trained professional.

5. More predictable costs - If you like planning ahead of your spending so you can budget and spend accordingly then heating maintenance is for you. Not only do emergency repairs cost more, but they eat into savings and are entirely preventable.

Free Estimates Are Available

Our expert technicians at Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating are always ready for all your heating needs. We are not only skilled and experienced but are also friendly and respectful towards your home. We provide a free estimate before we start and clean up our work area after every job.

Call (561) 531-5659 to schedule reliable heating services in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, or nearby.


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  • Nikki S.

    Very professional and the work completed today was very clean and neat. I had a leaking main coil and he replaced in a timely matter.

  • Chelsea J.

    I am so happy that we found them. Thanks for everything !! You're the best in Palm Beach County !!

  • Aaron A.

    He was very professional and informative of the process. I will use Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating for my future air conditioning service.

  • Jaclyn P.

    I would highly recommend this company and Fred. I’m just sad we found them as we were exiting Palm Beach Gardens and moving to Orlando. I urge you to give them a call if you want an honest, reliable and affordable company.

  • Jaclyn C.

    I urge you to give them a call if you want an honest, reliable and affordable company.

  • Danielle C.

    Every time i have an issue or just a regular service they come with the utmost respect and diligence in their work. Complete comfort is a company that takes pride in their work and is just an all around great company!

  • Jacki H.

    They are professional, convenient, timely, accommodating and have great staff! I needed a new a/c and ASAP! They got it so quickly and did a wonderful job installing! Highly recommended!

  • Joann W.

    I had an air conditioning problem here in my home in Jupiter and they came out to take care of the problem within one hour.

  • Jay C.

    Great pricing, great service, and a very professional team. Highly recommend these guys for servicing and installs!

  • Barbara N.

    Mike was the technician he was very nice and professional, problem solved in a very short time!

  • Julia D.

    They were very pleasant and kept me updated when needed. When they finished up, I wouldn’t of known they were here it was so spotless. The new ac is running like a champ.

  • Carol C.

    I've always found Complete Comfort to be consistent in considerate customer service, availability, fair pricing and excellent work. I wouldn't use any other A/C company.

  • Susana B.

    Like I told Danny " Danny I need a company not only for today but for the rest of my life" and believe me complete comfort is the company that we were looking for all these years.

  • Cheri D.

    Very pleased with their commitment to doing what’s right. They have always been there when I needed them and never felt like I was being overcharged.

  • Dr. Sherry G.

    These guys are a dream to deal with. I am so grateful I found them!!!

  • Wendy L.

    We couldn't ask for more.  We look forward to maintaining our new unit with their service plan.  This is a great locally owned company!


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