What Do Ghostbusters and AC Repair in Jupiter Florida Have in Common?

Both the Ghostbusters and air conditioner repair issues have us asking the question, “Who you gonna call?”. The Ghostbusters theme song was #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in August 1984. Over the years, very little has changed – people still want to know who to call.

Call Someone You Know for Air Conditioning Repair 

The vast digital landscape overloads us with choices, but word of mouth has remained the most reliable source for finding a quality contractor. When someone whom you know and trust recommends someone they know and trust, the outcome will nearly always be favorable.

Reliable air conditioning repair service companies will develop a strong community among their users. At Complete Comfort, we have our own community of Comfort Club members. They experience preferred service status and know the benefits of using Complete Comfort for their AC repair service and maintenance needs.

Ask The AC company Questions 

The air conditioning repair company you select should be familiar with your community, the brand of equipment you have, and skilled to address your concerns.

Some questions you might ask are:

  • Do you have other customers in my community/development?
  • What is your response time? Is there a technician in my area?
  • What is the experience of the technician you will send to my home or business?
  • Will the technician you send be the same one who does the repair?

Regardless of their advertising, a carpet cleaning company is not the one to address your indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns. Though carpets may be a source of IAQ problems, the remedy might go far beyond their area of expertise. Be certain your AC service repair company is skilled to meet your needs.

A Multi-Disciplined Approach to AC repair

When it comes to AC repair in South Florida and Jupiter, the best contractors are trained to take a ‘holistic’ approach. They consider all the factors involved in the health, safety, and comfort of you and your family. In addition to AC repair, they will also have skills in:

  • Ductwork design,
  • Indoor Air Quality,
  • HVAC system design,
  • Dehumidification, and
  • Cooling load calculations.

They will also have strong alliances with related professionals (engineering, carpentry, electrical, plumbing) who can ensure any large project will go smoothly.

Don’t Expect Pricing by Phone

Most reputable air conditioning service companies in South Florida and in Jupiter will quote a service call or diagnostic charge over the phone. It is tempting to ask the cost of a specific repair, but the variables are too many. For instance, a customer called about a thermostat that would not work. The reason behind the failed thermostat proved to be a short circuit that had damaged all the wiring in the AC unit, including the thermostat.

Correct pricing comes only by a thorough diagnosis of the problem. Get a quote for the diagnostic and understand what is included (there are limitations). Be patient in waiting for the right recommendations that will bring you the greatest value. Any contractor who will quote a price over the phone before diagnosis may not have your best interest at heart.

Owner or Manager Availability

Some of the best AC repair companies have grown quite large. And, on the other hand, some of the best AC repair companies remain relatively small. The key to your satisfaction is not the size of the company, but their ability to answer your questions and resolve your issues promptly. It is good to know up front whether you will have access to an owner or manager who will be able to make decisions in response to your needs. In most cases, the technician at your home is best qualified to help you work through things, but a responsive support system is necessary to resolve some issues.

Call Complete Comfort

Naturally, we believe we are the ones you should call for your air conditioning repair needs. You can check us out at mycompletecomfort.com, or call us at (561) 529-6262. We provide quality AC repair service, replacement, and maintenance from West Palm Beach to Port St. Lucie.

Here are just a few of the reasons to call Complete Comfort:

  • Reputation in the community
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Active and respected by the Palm Beach Air Conditioning Contractors Association
  • Serve on Palm Beach County Building Code Advisory Board
  • Owners with more than 60 years of combined experience in the industry
  • Support staff immediately available to the technician
  • Technicians trained in diagnosis and repair
  • AC repairs are priced by the job, not by the hour – you are assured of good value
  • Office support staff trained and experienced
  • Multi-disciplined for system design, indoor air quality, air distribution, and more
  • Affordable diagnostic rates for every call
  • Discounts for Comfort Club members
  • Service, repair, maintain and install numerous brands
  • Home office in Jupiter; licensed in Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties
  • Florida State licensed since 1976

Need more information about our air conditioning services? Then contact us today.