Why You Should Do an AC Filter Change

air conditioner maintenanceSome people wonder why we emphasize filter changes as an important part of air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning service. Here are a few reasons:

Filter Changes Save Money

Year after year, studies demonstrate that filter changes reduce the cost of air conditioning maintenance and minimize the cost of air conditioning repair. Dust accumulation is a major cause of AC maintenance and repair issues. The right filter, with a scheduled AC maintenance program, will certainly extend the life of air conditioning equipment and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Filters Remove Some Serious Stuff

As children, we wondered at the tiny particles that danced in sunbeams. What a letdown to hear what Wikipedia has to say on the subject:

“Dust in homes, offices, and other human environments contains small amounts of plant pollen, human and animal hairs, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, human skin cells, burnt meteorite particles, and many other materials which may be found in the local environment.”

I want none of these in my lungs or accumulated on my furniture surfaces. But, there are other things that truly enjoy dust.

Dust is Food

Dust mites are real. They feast on the dust and debris that accumulate in your air conditioner and in your ductwork. Algae and other biologicals also feed on dust, and they grow to clog coils and drains. The combination of particulate dust, biological spores, and dust mite feces are carried into the home by the air stream. Odors, allergies, and illness are the result. A regular filter-change to remove dust that serves as a food for mites and biologicals can make a difference in your family’s health.

Dust Clogs Fans and Coils

The humidity inside your air conditioner blower unit approaches 100%. That is where the work is done to remove the moisture from the air. If dust is allowed to move past the filter into the blower unit, it turns into a sort of “mud” on the cooling coils. When it dries, the dust forms a crusty buildup that is not easily washed off. It quickly clogs the 2-millimeter gaps between coil fins. The embedded debris diminishes efficiency, restricts airflow, and causes water to drip in places that can damage floors and ceilings. All in all, you want your filter to remove the dust before it gets to the coil.

Once the damage is done, the only option is to remove the coil and clean it with a combination of strong chemicals and pressurized water. This process is not only costly but arguably shortens the useful life of the air conditioning unit.

Dust Reduces AC Performance

I was called to a home where the owner could not get cooling to the back bedroom. This seemed natural, as it was farthest from the blower. The homeowner had already had another contractor change hundreds of dollars’ worth of ductwork to try to get air to move that distance. Opening the blower unit, I found the fan blades (which are supposed to be curved) nearly flat from the accumulation of dust. I cleaned the blower fan, and full airflow was restored to the entire house. All this could have been avoided with regular filter changes.

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