Air Conditioners: It Takes All Kinds to Keep a House Cool

AC units in a rowAn old saying goes, “it takes all kinds to make a world.” This explains the beauty of diversity that each person plays a unique role in his or her community. The same is true for air conditioners: They come in many shapes and sizes, each designed for a particular purpose.

An air conditioner is considered an applied product. It must be selected to suite the unique characteristics of your home, lifestyle, and environment. Here are a few types you may have heard of:


This is most common in single-family homes. The condenser outside is noisy with a large fan to dissipate heat. The indoor air handler is located in the closet or attic. The small multi-speed fan is designed to gently move air through the ducts.  Control wires communicate with all the components via a digital thermostat to make adjustments for optimum performance.

Split systems allow occupants to enjoy quiet and efficient cooling. In multifamily applications, the condenser units are located under the roof or concealed near the building. “Out of sight and out of mind,” as the saying goes.


As the name implies, everything is bundled into a single ‘package,’ usually up on a rooftop or on the ground at the end of the home. Replacement is relatively simple. However, these units must ‘plug in’ to the ductwork already in place. This frequently limits brand and efficiency choices to a very few.

Mobile homes are the ideal application for package units. Ductwork comes from underneath the home to the equipment, making for a simple and clean-looking connection. When the owner locates the home, the air conditioner is trucked to the new location and reconnected.


These were first developed for the smaller homes common to Asia and Europe. Here in the USA, they provide an attractive and quiet alternative to the ‘window unit’ air conditioner. In recent years mini-splits have met the South Florida lifestyle for home offices, garage conversions, and area cooling. They are designed to be quiet, efficient, and most come with remote controls for fan and cooling functions – you never have to leave your easy chair.


These are only a few of the many types air conditioners available in today’s market. Do you have an uncomfortable room, are you planning an addition or renovation, or do you want to convert your garage? Complete Comfort will recommend the equipment type suitable for your unique need. Our designers are familiar with available options and will help you select the air conditioner best suited to your home, budget, and lifestyle. Contact us for more information about air conditioners today.