What to Look for in a Pool Heater Repair Company

If you’ve made the investment to have a swimming pool and spa for your home, you probably want to use it for more than a few months of the year. In South Florida, heat pump pool heaters extend the outdoor pool season to nearly year-round, and at a reasonable cost. But, when it comes time for service, repair, or maintenance, there arises the familiar question, “Who you going to call?” There are some things you should know when you choose a pool heater repair company.

How a Pool Heater Works

Air conditioners and pool heaters have in common that they move heat from one place to another. A pool heater does exactly the opposite of an air conditioner as it harvests heat from outdoors (even in very cold weather) and puts it where you want it in your swimming pool. This so-called ‘heat pump’ approach is far more economical than fossil fuel units that ‘make’ heat.

Because they are similar, pool heaters and air conditioners contain many of the same components: refrigerant, fans, compressors, copper tubing, and fins. Even fossil-fuel units have much in common with home furnaces. From this, you might conclude the same person who services your air conditioner should also service your pool heat pump.

But you would be only partly correct. There are a few additional things to consider.

Diverse Control Strategies

We are used to seeing the thermostat on the wall in our homes. But where is the thermostat for the pool heater? It is typically located on the heater itself. To have it in the pool would lead to higher costs and safety considerations. But control location also relates to the function and thought process behind pool heating. Remote controls, control panels, keypads, timers, and other features not often found in home thermostats are quite common for pool heaters.

Even the thought process for a warm pool is far different from that needed to cool your home. That’s why you should call Complete Comfort – our technicians understand how your pool heater does its job.

Unique Parts

Though they have much in common with air conditioners, there are many parts that are unique to a pool heater. Most HVAC service technicians are unfamiliar with the nature, function, and resources to obtain these parts. This can lead to inconvenient delays and more expensive repairs. Complete Comfort has a broad resource database to get the right part in the best time.

Each Trade is Unique

The vast majority of repairs to pool heaters are either electrical or mechanical. It only makes sense to first call the AC contractor equipped for that sort of work. Even so, they should be well-connected to their counterparts in the swimming pool trade. At Complete Comfort, we have a network we can call upon when the problem lies beyond the heater itself. This affords you the best opportunity for fast and effective repair.


Experience is the best teacher, but no one wants a novice practicing on our expensive equipment. Even someone quite skilled at air conditioning can run into difficulty with pool heaters. The company who reliably services your air conditioner may not be the one to call when your pool gets too chilly.

Call the Right Person

At Complete Comfort, our technicians are trained to work on your pool heater equipment. The technician we send to your home is experienced and has received training specific to pool heater service and repair. Our support staff knows how and where to access parts necessary to make an efficient repair. Our managers have built solid relationships with several local pool companies or will gladly coordinate with the pool company of your choice. All this makes Complete Comfort the right choice for your pool heating needs. Call our pool heater repair company in South Florida at (561) 529-6262.