Why Replace When the Weather Is Cool?

Lennox AC unit with the words "repair or replace?" In March and April, the last thing on the mind of most South Floridians is, “it’s time to replace my air conditioner.” These are the months we enjoy near-perfect weather. A gentle breeze, low humidity, and clear skies are the order of the day. Temperatures are cool at night and actually quite pleasant during the day – even standing in the sunshine, the outdoors is often more comfortable than indoors. A few open windows are all that is needed to keep the home comfortable.

So, why would anyone replace their home comfort system, when it is not even being used? Let’s explore some of the advantages.


As with any industry, vendors (those who supply parts and equipment to Complete Comfort) raise their prices every year. They do it quite strategically – when the warmest weather hits, usually in May. Early purchasing can save $50-$100 on the typical air conditioning system. A small amount, but worth considering. Also, an older air conditioner may run at far less than its design efficiency, wasting dollars every day it runs. These two can add up to hundreds of dollars – a high price to pay for postponing the inevitable. But, there’s more to consider.


All too often, we are called to replace an air conditioner that has failed. This nearly always calls for a change in the homeowner’s schedule. Who among us has a day set aside “just in case” there is a need for a breakdown of our car, appliance, air conditioner, or a health need? If the air conditioner is to be replaced, the best time will be at your convenience.


Equipment failure cannot be accurately predicted or planned for. Even under the best of conditions, it is a bad idea to replace only when equipment fails. Most often, the failure is discovered late in the day, or in the evening when you come home after work. That’s one night without cooling. The comfort specialist is called, the problem diagnosed, and a decision made to replace. When the permit, equipment procurement, and scheduling processes are completed, we will replace on the following day (after another night without cooling). It is far better to plan for the work while the weather is pleasant.

Further, on the day you choose to replace your unit, you can plan to take advantage of the mild spring weather, or relocate to a comfortable place. Some people choose to visit friends, go to a movie matinee, or have a play-date with the grandkids. Far better than sitting in a hot home!


Truly, we cannot predict the future. But, we can help you plan for it. This is the time of year for a pre-season tune-up of your air conditioner. Part of this process is a thorough evaluation of your comfort system – the equipment, ductwork, and controls that keep your home habitable in the heat of summer and the chilly days of our brief winter.

If you already subscribe to our Comfort Club membership, you are in the best of hands. Our Comfort Specialists evaluate the condition of your heating and cooling system each time they come to your home. They provide timely recommendations for comfort and cost savings. To inquire about a Comfort Club membership, call us today at (561) 529-6262.