Open the Windows, Turn on the Fans

Open windowThis is the beautiful time of year – cool mornings and temperate afternoons that only sometimes require us to run the air conditioners. Even so, Mother Nature can sometimes use a bit of help when it comes to keeping the home cool.


My home has a total of 31 windows and glass doors. I am told that is a lot – certainly it is the case when it comes to keeping windows clean and the home secure. The great advantage is, I can open up and let the air blow circulate through nearly every room. There are, however, a few hot spots. When the afternoon warms up and be breeze dies, they are uncomfortable no matter what the outdoor temperature.


When we have the windows open, I run the AC fan in the ‘circulate’ (or, fan ON) mode from the thermostat.   Air is circulated to every room just as when the air conditioner compressor is running. Equally important, the high-efficiency filters are at work to minimize the dust and pollen that might irritate the senses. My family enjoys the best of what South Florida has to offer, both indoors and out.


living room with a ceiling fanCeiling fans are also a great help to keep the home comfortable through temperate weather. With a quiet whir and a mild wobble, they can make even warm and humid spaces tolerable or even pleasant. There are two things important to remember, however:

  1. Ceiling fans do not cool or dehumidify the air, they merely circulate
  2. Ceiling fans do consume a fair amount of electricity

For these reasons, it just makes sense to turn the ceiling fan off (along with the lights) when you leave the room. Not only is the fan spinning, but your electric meter is, too. And with nobody in the room to enjoy the breeze, even the best fan is of no effect.


Though we all enjoy these mild days, the summer heat is coming. Open windows and fans are good, but if you want the best assurance you will be comfortable on the warmest of days, you need a Comfort Club Membership from Complete Comfort. Our Comfort Specialists will evaluate the condition of your system, and make recommendations to ensure your comfort. To inquire about a Comfort Club membership, call us today at (561) 529-6262.

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