Five Sounds Your A/C Should Never Make

Woman cupping her ear and listeningThe smooth hum of the condenser unit is an assurance of comfort indoors. A soft “hum” from the blower in the closet tells us the equipment is powered-up and ready for service. A quiet “whoosh” from the grille accompanies the cool air delivered to each room. But, there are a few air conditioner noises that indicate potential problems.

Though listening is only a small part of the diagnostic process, an observant homeowner will catch a small problem before it becomes large. Always call Complete Comfort with your service needs and questions. We are here to serve you.


Water is supposed to drain unimpeded from the blower unit to the outdoors. A glug-glug noise akin to rapidly emptying a gallon water jug is an indication that water is being pulled into the drain line, instead of flowing out. The next sound you hear could well be drip-drip! First, check your filter. If it is clean and if the noise persists, your drain may be clogged. Call your friends at Complete Comfort for service – dial (561) 529-6262.


water dripping into a bucketThe copper lines connecting the outside to the indoor blower unit circulate refrigerant in its liquid and vapor (gas) forms to cool your home. An audible whooshing and bubbling noise in the copper lines (after the first minute of operation) may indicate the system has a leak and is low on refrigerant. When that happens, you get less comfort for your energy dollar, as the unit loses its ability to cool. The team at Complete Comfort can locate the leak and restore your system to optimum capacity.


A metal-to-metal sound tells us something is in the fan, or the fan blade has slipped and is hitting something. In either case, it’s time to turn things off before a very expensive motor is damaged. Outdoors, a quick visual inspection will reveal whether a piece of vegetative debris or perhaps a “critter” has touched the fan blade. Often, the offending branch or stick can be removed easily from off the top of the fan safety shroud. Once the impediment is cleared, that should be the end of it. If the problem persists or if it has worked its way inside the equipment, call Complete Comfort.


A compressor laboring to start has a unique sound and may cause the home lights to dim. Fans and compressors start quickly and smoothly with the assistance of special electrical components designed for the purpose. When these parts become weak or fail, the result is the start process lasts longer, sounds louder, and is very stressful to the equipment. Unattended, the wire connections or the fan/compressor can be damaged and need replacement. It’s best to turn the equipment off and call (561) 529-6262 for service.


Simon and Garfunkle made this a big hit. But not so for your air conditioner. When nothing at all works, the best approach is: turn off the thermostat, reset the circuit breakers, and turn the thermostat back on. Wait 5 minutes for the protective devices to reset, and everything should come on. If not, or if the circuit breaker trips again, call us at Complete Comfort – we are here to help.

Your air conditioner is designed for years of high performance. For the best comfort experience, we recommend a Comfort Club Membership. Call (561) 529-6262 for further information.