Comfort and the Change of Seasons

sunny skyMany consider November and April to be the two nicest months in South Florida. Temperatures are mild, often accompanied by a gentle breeze. But change means rain and humidity. At lower outdoor temperatures, indoor humidity control is a challenge.

Home comfort systems are designed for the heat of summer and the cold of winter. The in-between times of spring and fall are problematic. The air conditioner that removes humidity does not run in cool weather. At times, it is more comfortable outdoors than in. Here are a few solutions:


open window with grass and butterflies outsideOpen windows are the ultimate free solution. Ventilation is a great way to freshen up your home. Closed homes tend to concentrate pollutants (cleaning products, pet odors, and the like). A few strategically opened windows and screened doors can transform your indoor environment. But, watch for the surprise “sunshower” – it will set you back by with a wave of humidity. Pollen and dust can also be a problem for those with allergies.


Though not a good summertime practice (it costs money and raises humidity), you will even out the temperatures around the home. The filter removes dust and pollen when the fan is running. If humidity is not the problem, temporary use of your air conditioner fan is a good solution to even out the warm and cool spots in your home.


“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” is a prevailing theme in South Florida. A dehumidifier can be either centrally installed or connected to the duct system. The precise control of humidity not only increases comfort but also helps protect your home from moisture-related problems. The investment in a dehumidifier is a solution in some homes.


Programmable ThermostatSet the thermostat to automatically run at a lower temperature (about 2o cooler) during the change of seasons. By doing so, you will stretch the cooling and dehumidifying hours each day. My thermostat has a spring/fall mode that automatically changes to a different program. Some digital thermostats have humidity sensing capability and allow the system to cool the home beyond the set temperature if the humidity is above a pre-programmed level.


This is the ultimate solution. Much of the time, even in the heat of summer, your home does not need to be working at full capacity to keep the home comfortable. Multispeed or inverter technology is used in today’s highest efficiency air conditioners. They automatically reduce to 1/3 or less of full capacity. In cooler weather, the typical 3-ton whole-house unit reduces to produce as little as 1-ton of cooling. This is about the capacity of a small window unit. These systems optimize cooling, airflow, and humidity, and provide the ultimate in year-round comfort.


Every home is different. The Comfort Specialists at Complete Comfort are trained to assist you. They can offer the best solution for your comfort needs. Call today at (561) 529-6262.