The Cooling Calculus – Manual J

Residential Load Calculation manual In addition to the Law of Gravity (remember the falling apple?), Sir Isaac Newton also gave us the Law of Cooling. It goes something like this:

The temperature of a body changes at a rate proportional to the difference in temperature between its own temperature and the temperature of its surroundings.

To put it simply, if you want it cool inside on a day when it’s hot outside, you need an air conditioner big enough to keep up with the need. But there is nothing simple about it – there are numerous calculations and established standards to be certain your comfort system will both cool and dehumidify as needed. A few things that need to be taken into account are the use of the space, type of construction, air leakage, windows (number, direction, shading), and the typical heat and humidity levels in our South Florida environment.

At Complete Comfort, we use the industry-standard Manual J (actually computer software) to select the right size air conditioner for your home. If the existing air conditioner was properly sized and proved itself through years of use, that is a good starting place for the design of the new system. But things change over time – Added attic insulation, new windows or awnings, or change in the use of a room (such as, from a bedroom to a children’s playroom) must all be taken into account to ensure the utmost in comfort. Thoughtful planning can influence a change in ductwork or selection of a particular brand or type of unit selected to meet your individual needs, and make the difference that results in the comfort your family deserves.

The “too hot” or “too cold” area of your home can become “just right” with the help of the professionals at Complete Comfort. In many cases, the calculations can be performed in a few minutes and at no cost as part of the estimate process. Where more in-depth design skills are called for (additions, renovations, or tough problem areas), a modest fee applies – well worth the investment to design the right comfort system that will offer comfort and protection for years to come.