What Is Involved in an AC Tune-Up?

You wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 miles without changing the oil. The same logic holds true for your home comfort system. Regular HVAC preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. Pre-season Tune-Up is also important. It can help to avoid a system failure in severe hot or cold weather when you need it the most, and it can also keep your energy bill from getting out of control.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is overpay the power company and breath dirty air. The people who do not realize how important preventative maintenance is often are those whose systems unexpectedly break down, leaving them without any heating or air conditioning during some of the most uncomfortable times of the year.

For the small amount of money it cost to schedule a professional tune-up, the return on your investment can be huge. Besides helping to avoid unexpected breakdowns, tune-ups are important for helping your unit recover lost efficiency, operate more safely, increase the overall lifespan of the unit, improve your overall level of comfort.

We at Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating do a thorough tune-up to ensure our clients breath clean air and do not overpay the power company.

What goes into an Ac Tune-Up? 

A thorough tune should include the following:

  • A comprehensive cleaning of the condenser coils. Doing so increases efficiency ( which directly impacts energy cost ) and can reduce the wear and tear on your system.
  • Evaluation of the refrigerant level to help maintain peak operating performance. A system that is low on refrigerant will not operate at its full capacity causing it to not cool properly and not remove humidity correctly from your home.
  • Lubrication of all moving parts to eliminate friction and wear that can increase your energy cost.
  • A full calibration of your thermostat to very proper operation.
  • An inspection of the ductwork for possible energy loss.
  • Tightening and inspection of all electrical connections to verify safe system operation.
  • Evaluate performance of the blower motor and the condition of the blower belt.
  • Cleaning of the condensate drain to prevent water back up and Algae growth.

These are just a few of the standard checks that should be performed twice a year. Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offers special Club Membership program to give our clients Tune-ups at a special rate. Call us today at (561) 529-6262 to schedule a Tune-up.

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