Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Hurricane Safe

Like it or not, Hurricane season is around the corner in South Florida. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that we don’t end up with a bad storm. Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you keep your air conditioner hurricane safe should the worst happen.

If you’ve lived in South Florida for a while, this probably isn’t the first storm you were concerned about. We know how important it is to be prepared for these storms, here are a couple of tips to keep your air conditioner hurricane safe.

Power Woes 

Turning your air conditioner off during power surges will help your system from starting and stopping. One of the worst things that can happen to an ac system is in regular voltage. When the power dips down it causes a strain on the electrical components of the air conditioner. Another issue might be the lack of power, and to make it worse, it typically is hot and steamy during hurricane season. With the heat and the humidity, you probably will be looking for any kind of relief.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe

For many unlucky homeowners, even when the power came back on they were still suffering in sweaty weather because their outside unit had blow away. When you face a category 4 hurricane that carries winds as high of 150 mph, your outdoor unit is at risk if its not tied down with proper hurricane strapping. The good news is that when Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating installs your air conditioner, proper hurricane strapping is part of our installation process.

Protect your air conditioner 

Besides strapping, here are some recommendations on how to prepare your air conditioning system before the storm hits:

  • Turn off your air conditioner
  • If you have a window AC unit or portable ac unit with discharge ducts that exhaust through a window or to the exterior, remove the units/ ducts and seal the opening.
  • Cover any outdoor air conditioners or condensing units with a tarp or plywood to protect the air conditioner from flying debris.

Sunny Skies

Meanwhile, let’s hope for a relaxing, hurricane-free summer.