What’s in a Name? Choosing the Right Brand

Compass with the arrow pointing to the word brandShakespeare’s Juliet spoke that one line and thus summed up the whole of her and Romeo’s problem. Montague or Capulet, what does it matter? Their pursuit of the answer cost the star-crossed lovers their lives. Choosing the “right” brand for a new air conditioner, though not so serious as love, is an important decision.


Comfort is the only reason to buy an air conditioner, and one aspect vital to your comfort is the trust you have in your air conditioner. If you have had a good experience with Brand-A in the past, then you will likely want to continue with that brand. Whether you are choosing a restaurant or purchasing a new automobile, brand preference is a great place to begin the search. But it is only a first step.


The famous balcony of Juliet in Verona from Romeo and JulietManufacturers are under continual pressure to change. Environment laws, materials costs (steel, aluminum, copper), and advances in technology have all driven design so your new air conditioner unit is very different from 10 years ago. These changes affect physical size (to fit in your closet or attic), cost and efficiency (to fit your budget), and serviceability (availability of repair and service parts). It is not unusual to find that brand that was the best choice before is no longer the best suited to your need. A professional contractor with access to a variety of brands is your best solution.


Some manufacturers market their equipment under different brand names so they can offer a premium product choice available only through their “dealers.” The very latest technology and highest efficiency selections are typically available only through premium brand dealers. Even if your application does not tend toward the purchase of a premium product, it is worth noting that these dealers have access to technical training and other support that translate into a distinct advantage for you, the homeowner.

As a Lennox Dealer, Complete Comfort provides their customers with certain benefits and opportunities for top-of-the-line equipment not available from many other companies. Technical and business training enable us to provide the service you need and deserve.


Because an air conditioner is an “applied product” that must fit your home, your comfort requirements, and your budget, contractors cannot adopt an attitude that one-size-fits-all. That approach makes life very simple for the seller but overlooks your many needs. It is not unusual for our representative to offer two or more brands in a good-better-best comparison – again, based on your needs. A contractor with a strictly one-brand mindset has likely put their own priorities ahead of yours.


Couple sitting with a salesman The Comfort Consultants at Complete Comfort are trained to consider your needs and help you arrive at the best purchase decision. They can answer your question to help you make the decision that will bring you comfort for years to come.

Whatever your brand choice, the best way to ensure the life-time performance of your conditioner is to subscribe to a Complete Comfort’s Comfort Club membership. An appropriately scheduled maintenance program will extend the life of your system and will allow you and your family to breath clean air throughout the year.

When you are ready to make your decision, call (561) 529-6262.

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