Indoor Air Quality

With today’s tight building construction, the air inside our homes becomes “stale” in that it is constantly re-circulated. This is great for energy savings but not so good for our health. That’s because things like airborne particles, viruses, bacteria, and off-gases from household materials and cleaners get circulated throughout our home by the air conditioner that moves over 1 million cubics of air a day throughout your home. The air in the home is re-circulated 3-5 times per hour. The air in the home can be 5-100 times more polluted than the worst outside air. Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heater offers indoor air quality solutions for a healthy home.  There are several lines of defense that can protect you:

First line of defense – Whole Home Air Cleaner

Filtration is the first line of defense in indoor air quality. These high-efficiency filtration systems remove the food source for mold and algae. Filtration captures moronic particles and removes all breathable particles. These whole-home air cleaners are available with 5″ pleated filters and electro-static options. Carbon is also a great addition for minor odor control. These air cleaner systems can also increase the efficiency of your ac system and keep you from overpaying the power company. Did you know that a 1/8 of dust on the blower assembly can reduce your system's efficiency by 30%?

Second line of defense – Germicidal  UVC lamps

Germicidal UVC lamps mimic the power of the sun's UV rays to kill and prevent the growth of biological organisms. These units are placed inside the air handler and duct system to inhibit the growth of mold and algae. UVC rays destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses, kill surface and airborne germs, and biological particles. The air handler is humid damp environment and a perfect breeding ground for these germs and mold. Be aware of the different types of UVC systems and the output power of the systems. Gimmick models and eBay systems are cheap and ineffective. Our quality UVC products offer the highest level of wattage and killing power. The rating in microwatts is key and our products produce 180 microwatts per lamp. 50 microwatts is necessary to kill airborne particle on contact. These high power options guarantee their effectiveness. Protect yourself and your family with UCV.

Third line of defense – Oxidation UVC

In addition to UVC lamps and whole home filtration, the addition of oxidation UVC removes and oxidizes harmful gases and control odors in the home. These units use natural ozone to remove and control VOC’s and organic compounds. Pet odors, smoke, food odors, cleaning chemicals, off-gassing building materials and more can be removed from your home's air.

These lines of defense can each be implemented separately or when combined they offer the highest level of defense. Protect your system investment and protect your family’s health.  Contact Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating today for a free in-home indoor air quality assessment at (561) 529-6262.