AC Installation/Replacement

Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating (561) 529-6262 is your local highest-rated air conditioning contractor in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter.  Making an investment in the replacement of your air conditioning system has many options and choices. Choosing the equipment and the contractor. But are you sure that you have chosen the right contractor to do the job? We at Complete Comfort Air Conditioning assure you that we go above and beyond industry and code standards. Each of our systems are designed to each home's specific needs. All of our installation processes ensure that your new system functions and performs for may years to come. The AC equipment life expectancy and long term efficiency is greatly affected by the installation. All system change-outs are permitted in the municipality you are located. Your ac system has high voltage electricity, high-pressure gases and condensation drain. We want to make sure your system is free from potential hazards and the safety of you and your family is our number one priority. Complete Comfort performs all the necessary installation practices and procedures outlined by building code, energy code, and the manufacturer recommendations.  Below is an Info-graphic with facts of how the installation of your system will affect the life expectancy, the efficiency, and the overall comfort of your home.

HVAC inforgraphic