A/C Drain Lines – Pan Treatment Pads

Ever had your ac system shut down due to a backed-up drain line? Have you ever had water damage to your home from AC drain line? We at Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating take drain cleaning and prevention serious. The indoor ac unit is a cold and wet environment. The growth of biological matter and algae are a common occurrence. The ac system is a perfect breeding ground for these organisms. Along with good filtration, Complete Comfort offers pan treatment pads as a preventative solution to the build-up of algae and bacteria in the drain system. Our technicians chemically clean and clear the primary drain pan and condensation drain lines during our routine ac maintenance visits. Over time the drain pan and lines can become clogged with this biological growth. After a good thorough cleaning, the pan pad is prevention. Pan treatment pads are a time-release biocide product that slowly releases a chemical that keeps your drain system clean. Pan pads kill and prevent harmful bacteria and algae. Pan treatment pads are placed inside the primary drain pan at the source and the chemical is released down the drain system. Pan pads last up to six months. Pan treatment pads are a small investment and can save you from emergency service calls and damage to your home. Below are some examples of build-up and loss that occurs from a poorly maintained system.