Why a Bathroom Fan is Important and How to Choose One

Choosing the right bathroom exhaust fanWhen choosing a new bathroom fan or adding one to your bathroom there are several things to take into consideration. Consider room size, vent method, and bonus features when picking a system.

Those long, luxurious showers you enjoy so much could be hurting your house. You may ask how? All that humidity and moisture in a concentrated space called your bathroom. It creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can damage building materials such as drywall and wood framing.

Fortunately, there is a fix for this issue, it's called a bathroom exhaust ventilation fan.

The purpose of a bathroom fan is to remove excess moisture, odors, and even mold spores that can lead to health problems. They are also helpful in the removal of excess water vapor on walls and mirrors while showering. In some areas, exhaust fans are required by building codes, especially if there’s no operable window.

bathroom exhaust fan diagramTechnology has really taken off with the new Bathroom Fan available today. They are smarter, quieter and more efficient than ever. Some of today’s features include motion-activated lights and or built-in timers to turn on and off. Depending on the options you choose, plan to spend $80 to $400 for a new ventilation fan. Choose a professional HVAC contractor to install your ventilation fan to ensure a proper installation. You may also need an electrician depending on the options that you choose, such as a light in the fan or an additional switch to control certain options that you may choose.

Before choosing a ventilation fan, make sure it’s one that will be adequate for the correct size of your bathroom. You’ll also want to prioritize your wants and needs with regard to noise level and features so that you’ll get maximum satisfaction for your budget.