Duct System Replacement

Green cartoon ductComplete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating is a local ac contractor serving Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Tequesta, and the north county area. Complete Comfort specializes in duct system replacement. Duct systems are an overlooked main component in the ac system. Many duct systems are deteriorated and undersized. Building code and energy code standards have increased the R-value of the duct systems. Many older flex duct and rigid ducts were R-4 and R-6. Rigid board was 1 in. in thickness and now 1 1/2 in. Complete Comfort delivers quality workmanship and our team of designers can design and install a new efficient system for your home. We also do in house Heat Load Calculations. Our anti-microbial green safety flex ducts have a value of R-8. This product keeps the cold air in the duct and hot attic air from out. Prevents sweating ducts and energy loss. The industry is also mandating that the SEER efficiency rating of equipment be at a minimum of 14. These newer ac systems deliver higher CFM’s of airflow and old duct systems were designed around less CFM’s. Undersized ducts can lead to premature equipment failure and sweating issues. Is you air handler or ducts sweating? Are there hot and cold rooms in your home? Please call Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating today at (561) 529-6262 for a duct system analysis