WiFi Thermostats

WiFi thermostatComplete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating is your local leading AC company in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and Stuart that provides our customers the leading edge of technologies with a full line of WIFI thermostats. WIFI thermostats give you the control you demand of your system. These thermostats allow you to monitor, control, and data log from just about anywhere. From your smartphone, desktop or tablet you have the thermostat at your fingertips.

These touch screen thermostats have a beautiful color display and give you a clean modern look. The convince of cooling the home down before you leave the office for the day or to keep an eye on your seasonal home when away. As more homes become automated with WIFI controls, we want to keep you up to date with these great advancements. We offer a full line up of thermostats from Nest, Honeywell, Lennox, and more. Some of these models have a Geo-fence option that knows when you are leaving and returning to the home to adjust temperature and keep your energy use to a minimum. Our team provides professional installation and tech support. Call Us today at (561) 529-6262 or visit our website at www.mycompletecomfort.com to get a quote on a WIFI thermostat.