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Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offers heating system installation, repair, and maintenance.

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Heating Systems

Different types of heating systems are used for homes, offices, commercial, and industrial properties. Here is an overview of the different types of heating systems:

  • Heat Pumps
    Heat pumps rely on the refrigerant’s pressure/temperature relationship. When a refrigerant evaporates or boils, it absorbs heat at a very high rate. Since refrigerant has a lower boiling point than most liquids, it can easily be manipulated so that the only heat that is needed is room temperature air. We can control this boiling point by altering the pressure placed upon the liquid.
  • Electric Heat
    An electric heater converts electrical energy to heat energy. Besides cooking and water heating, an electrical heater can also be used to heat rooms within your home. In this system, an electric heating element in the form of a wire resides within an electron tube. When a current passes through the element, heat is provided to the space.
  • Pool Heaters
    A pool heater can have a number of energy sources, including natural gas and propane. Electric pool heaters have a coil that gets heated and the heat of the coil warms the water. The heat from a gas pool heater’s flames heat a pool relatively quickly but be sure to invest in an efficient system. If you are in an area where natural gas is limited, consider an oil-fired pool heater.
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
    A water source heat pump works in a similar way to an air source heat pump, but it extracts and distributes heat by way of water instead of air. Not only does a water source heat pump remove heat from your house during the hotter months, but it provides heat during the cooler winter months. If you’re looking for a solution that offers the perfect year round temperature, this is it.

Heating Repairs

Your heating system needs to be regularly maintained and repaired to ensure it is operating efficiently. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to heating repairs as it can not only lead to safety hazards in your home, but it can also increase the cost of your electricity bill.

Heating Installation Services

Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating installs all types and brands of heating systems. We have been in business for over 40 years and we have more than 100 installations to our credit. We can advise you on the right solution for your property.

Heating companies

Complete Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offers heating services in Jupiter for both homes and businesses. We are based in Jupiter, Florida, serving all of northern Palm Beach County.  Our services include repairs, installations, maintenance, and expert advice on heating solutions for residential and commercial applications. Contact us for more information about heating solutions today.

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