Our team here at Complete Comfort always begins all our Indoor Indoor Air Quality inspections with a thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your home or office to identify any and all contributors that may compromise your Indoor Air Quality.  It’s not just mold that can compromise your indoor air quality.

Our Indoor Air Quality Assessments also involve measuring the indoor environment of your home or office both at rest (HVAC off) as well as active (HVAC running).

We measure onsite in real time for:

    •  Temperature                                  •  Ozone

    •  Carbon Dioxide                              •  Formaldehyde

    •  Carbon Monoxide                         •  Relative Humidity

    •  Airborne Particulate Matter         •  Volatile Organic Compounds

These critical indoor environmental measurements will help to identify areas of your home or office that need to be further investigated as well as establishing the efficiency of your home or office ventilation system.

Our Complete Comfort team focuses on identifying the contributors to poor indoor air quality by focusing on the whole home as a single system that can affect your indoor environment.

During the course of the Indoor Air Quality assessment, the technician will also performing a written Safety Inspection that will ensure all parts of your AC system are in check and be sure to find any potential safety hazards.


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