The Permit – A Great Value

Signs pointing in different directions Building departments use the permit process to enforce local, state, and national construction codes. Building officials, often portrayed as “bad guys” who interfere with a homeowner’s privacy, actually provide a service of great value to you and your family.


Inspectors are well-trained to fulfill their mission “to ensure the life safety and general welfare of residents, visitors, employees, and the general public.” This benefit is inexpensive – typically about 2% of project cost (for the HVAC industry). Many contractors avoid the lawful permit process. We will investigate in the next few posts why you, the homeowner, should insist your contractor obtain permits as required. At Complete Comfort, our standard is 100% permit compliance.


Inspector taking notesAn information-gathering process begins as soon as you agree to have your air conditioner replaced. Equipment specifications are checked to ensure a proper match to your home’s electrical system. Steps are taken to verify the new AC is properly sized to your comfort requirements. This is submitted to the building official, who reviews it for code compliance. Complete Comfort receives a printed permit and the building department records that work will be done and an inspection is pending.


Once completed, the inspector must review all work for compliance with local and other codes. Complete Comfort will arrange a time most convenient to you.  Inspector approval is your assurance the work has been performed to industry standards for the protection of your health and property. Permit approval becomes part of public record, often available online. Copies and detailed records can be typically be obtained in person at the Building Department.

In weeks to come, we will look at how you benefit from the permit and inspection process.


This is the time of year to have Complete Comfort tune-up your A/C system. See our blog post for your Spring Checklist.