The Internet of Things

Chalkboard with "The internet of things" written in yellowThe Inter·net of things (noun) – the Internet connection of computers embedded in everyday objects. By this, they can send and receive data.

A friend of mine recently replaced his home air conditioning system. He is an air conditioning contractor. Over the years, he had changed the outdoor unit several times. He kept the blower unit from one decade to the next.

Recently, he replaced both the indoor and outdoor units – a properly “matched” system. They installed one of the most technologically advanced systems available. He was thoroughly amazed at the difference in comfort and low electrical usage. He even looks forward to his next electric bill. Digital technology and precise control make this possible. Such efficiency we could only have dreamed of when I was a technician in the ’80s.

The internet has changed our lives. Digital controls in our air conditioners now make it possible to control comfort from a remote location. And, much of the new technology is available at a very reasonable cost. Communicating systems alert the homeowner or service company when it is time for maintenance. Some commercial equipment communicate temperature, airflow, and damper positions to a central or remote computer.

"plugged-in" homesAll areas of our lives are affected by the Internet. This includes our comfort. Today, digital thermostats are everywhere. Digital communicating systems are available on select products. The technology is spreading rapidly. Today, your service technician must know how to use both a wrench and a laptop computer. The computer plugs right into some systems. It communicates with the processor in the air conditioner.

We are all beneficiaries of these amazing technological advances. But there also comes the demand for more highly skilled technicians. Gone are the days when the “old-timers” (and I’ll count myself among that number). We could literally check the Freon charge by holding the copper line in one hand and a cold soda in the other – when they were the same temperature, the job was done.

digital thermometerDigital thermometers, digital gauges and (in some cases) a digital scale are necessary to properly service today’s most efficient air conditioners. The digital age has arrived. The technician who comes to your home must be equipped accordingly.

The right training must support the right tools. At Complete Comfort, our technicians are trained to service what we sell. Whether the need is for installationrepair, or maintenance, you can rest assured the person sent to your home is trained and equipped to do the job. Call today at (561) 529-6262.

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