Why Do I Need a Permit for a New AC?

Building permit documents Why do I need a permit? Building codes exist because, historically, lots of people have built things that ended up falling on/burning up other property and/or people. Permits our there to protect the homeowner and make sure the contractor follows all building codes. Permits are in place to assure that the project is done properly. Contractors must submit an application with detailed instructions on how the work is performed. Plans reviewers will look over the plan to make sure the conform to current building codes and guidelines. The safety of the homeowner and others is the priority. Permits also assure that you're doing business with a state-certified, licensed contractor. Municipalities require all contractors register with their building department and check all licenses, insurance, and worker compensation. Would you want your work done by an unlicensed contractor? Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating pull permits on all required work and is licensed, insured and bonded. The health and safety of you and your family is important to us. Permits also keep records of all work perform in the home and give peace of mind to future buyers of the property. Complete Comfort A/C looks forward to serving your needs.