Complete Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating wants to stress the importance of routine ac maintenance. Ac tune ups should be performed twice a year.  Ac tune ups maintain your system’s efficiency, lowering your power bills. A properly maintained system will result in fewer break downs and costly emergency repairs. A clean system will improve the indoor air quality of the home and keep you breathing healthy air. All ac equipment manufactures require routine ac maintenance to insure warranty coverage. The ac tune will extended your equipment life expectancy and protects your investment.  Here is a comprehensive list of services performed during our routine maintenance program –

Indoor Unit

  • Inspect supply and return ducts and check for air leaks
  • Test voltage and amperage of indoor electrical components
  • Inspect and lubricate mechanical components
  • Clean and sanitize indoor unit cabinet inside and out
  • Chemically clean primary drain pan and drain lines
  • Inspect and test drain line overflow switches
  • Look for harmful biological growth and algae build up
  • Check filtration and indoor air quality products
  • Thermostat functions and batteries
  • Test heating and cooling functions

Outdoor Unit

  • Vacuum debris from condensing unit
  • Chemically clean and wash outdoor coil
  • Test amperage and voltage of outdoor components
  • Inspect fan motor and compressor
  • Test all starting components
  • Inspect refrigerant lines and liquid line filter
  • Inspect coil condition
  • Measure refrigerant charge
  • Check super heat and sub cooling values
  • Polish outdoor unit
  • Clean drain line and vapor trap

Duct System

  • Inspect rigid and flex ducts for air leaks
  • Inspect insulation and vapor barriers
  • Inspect air returns and sizing
  • Inspect supply ducts
  • Inspect duct cleanliness
  • Inspect for proper strapping and fastening

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